In the past clocks were merely functional timepieces, nowadays they are almost becoming decorative works of art – enduring décor at its best. Various designs & styles are available, but one thing stays the same; it is the memory of growing up and hearing the tick-tock of an antique clock in our homes.Besides being practical, a wall clock is also an interesting decorative item which changes the ambiance of a room. Large ones make a bold statement, while smaller ones take a backseat but still contribute to a layered look. Sometimes, you need more than a graphic element to pair with colourful art, fabrics, rugs and a clock can add value to that too.

At Lemon & Lime, clients fall in love with our wall clocks without even knowing where to put it and begin to decorate around the TIMELESS PIECE. There is not a set trend in terms of what clients ask for; it is just a question of finding the clock your heart desires and making it work within your home.

Here are a few examples of the beautiful wall clocks that we stock at Lemon & Lime –unfortunately, they do not stay up on our walls for long. I strongly suggest people to invest in a wall clock instead of using their mobile phone to keep the time. As it symbolises a piece of you and perhaps it can even inspire your heart, that time is precious.

So do not waste time and visit us at Lemon & Lime and we will find a TIMELESS PIECE for your home.